Give Voice To Your Imagination
So you say you’ve been doing silly voices since you were a kid. Or maybe you get a kick out of sparking up your jokes with a few character voices to add to the fun. Or you love to read bedtime stories to your children, complete with an entire cast of characters. Maybe you’ve been wondering how you can use the voices you’ve been doing – only in a way that has the potential of earning you some cash? 
Classes Now Forming
If you live anywhere in the Western New York area, now you can learn the art of voice acting for:
character voices for toys, games and animation
audio books
messages on hold
in-store broadcasts and kiosks
and so much more
The Voice Squad will show you how. You’ll discover voices in you that you never knew you had, and get advice on demo preparation and self-marketing, too. 

The Voice Squad offers ongoing group workshops for all levels of experience. The participants receive either a CD or an e-mail of their performances for their review and personal development. Private 2-hour lessons are available, too. So don’t wait… give voice to your imagination! 
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Learn the Art of Voice Acting 
The Voice Squad
Workshop, Network & Resource for Voice Actors

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